Hello, We're Cyclr

I’m Ian, founder of Cyclr. There’s a lot happening within our company and the broader industry that we wanted to talk about. Launching a blog seemed like the best place to start.

Here's some numbers that make our hairs stand on end:

  • The marketing automation sector is worth $3.4BN a year and growing 60% annually. Businesses are realising that joined up marketing leads to higher conversion rates and happier customers.
  • The application integration and middleware market (AIM) is huge and expanding too. It was worth $28.3BN last year and is growing 8.3% a year. That's a trend that you can't ignore. Businesses want to connect their processes and use their more effectively.
  • Yet small and medium sized businesses are lagging behind as larger enterprises capitalise on new automation possibilities. Without substantial budgets, it's impossible to justify expensive all-in-one solutions to address these challenges. And only a few have the knowledge (or maybe bravery) to build bespoke software to connect their existing systems.

Cyclr is changing all this. With our platform it's easy to connect apps you already use, then drag and drop them into powerful configurations that will make a big difference to your operations and bottom line.

Our blog will share what we know and where we're headed. Subscribe for answers to your business challenges, to find about how people are using Cyclr, and to hear more about our team and where we’re heading. We're looking forward to hearing from you.