Our Vision

In the world of software, the capability gaps between small and mid-market businesses vs. large enterprises are shrinking. For a cheap monthly credit card subscription, any business can now run amazing cloud-based software. In fact, over 90% of them are doing exactly that. From accounting, CRM, marketing, billing, and almost everything else.

We're addicted to cloud apps. They have made our businesses more competitive than ever, but they have also introduced a new problem.

Never have there been so many systems generating so many disconnected islands of data.

In this problem we find the big difference that separates small companies from large ones: the wider connectivity of that software to the rest of the business.

When an organisation can connect their software to share and exploit data, processes can be automated to deliver incredible cost-savings. More than that, all channels, from marketing, sales, billing, customer management, support, and more, can all be driven to new higher standards.

An enterprise can achieve these goals by virtue of a simple cash advantage. Being able to spend big on all-in-one platforms, or hire developers and consultants to integrate software exactly to their specification, is something smaller businesses struggle to compete with.

Understanding this pain point, and having often experienced it ourselves, we built Cyclr on the principle that this gap, if addressed, can be transformational for a business. Taking a business's disconnected cloud apps, getting them to share data across easy-to-build workflows, and delivering this as a cost-effective monthly service is a powerful and compelling proposition.

We believe that you shouldn't need to be a programmer to connect your apps. If you understand the problem and the process, we can give you the tools to transform your business. This is what guides our development.

Our hope is that Cyclr can become the essential plumbing that connects and runs a business. We look forward to welcoming you to our platform and can't wait to see what you create.